Marketing video strategy and visual design guidelines: MCCSS

Watch three examples of marketing video styles I created for MCCSS – the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. My direction to incorporate the provincial government’s new visual identity resulted in these styles being adopted as standardized templates enterprise-wide for all social media marketing video campaigns.

As part of this initiative, I led the development of a new video strategy for the ministry as well as being the lead for design guidelines, creative art direction and production. Being the ministry’s point-person for content management of all digital and video projects, I formulated these video templates and examples to aid in the delivery of a range of high-quality content to advance the business goals of the ministry and Minister’s Office.

Each type of video aligns with a specific communications or marketing objective and content is targeted to defined audiences and social channels. By establishing these standardized templates, I facilitated a more efficient production process and built a consistent voice, brand and look for all video campaigns.


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