Content marketing and brand integration: MuchMusic + Subway mini series

This three-part mini-series involved a content marketing initiative and brand partnership with MuchMusic and Subway restaurants. A national contest was held to find a high school deserving of a free Much Video Dance party hosted by a VJ and catered by Subway.

The winning entry was submitted by a senior high school student from Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, a rural community near Halifax. Her school had banned dances for seven years and she was close to graduating without ever having the chance to attend a high school dance. When VJ and fan-favorite host Phoebe showed up unannounced with a megaphone to ambush the winner after class one day, this student’s dream finally came true. And the surprises and excitement didn’t end there…

I vetted the finalists for the contest, researched, organized and planned all logistics and production details for the remote shoot. I collaborated with the marketing team to ensure content marketing and brand partnership requirements were met, that the client was happy on-site and with final results. In Nova Scotia, I directed the talent, crew and teens who had never appeared on camera before. In Toronto, I produced a rough-cut of the mini-series, developed all creative elements and assets for post-production and directed the assembly of the final package in editing.

This project was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved and my creative branding, storytelling format and content marketing concepts formed the template to launch a series of similar programs.