Documentary/reality storytelling: Inspiring teen doc shot in NYC

My Date With is an inspiring and aspirational documentary-style series where fans win the chance to hang out with their favorite band for a day. These teen girls were step-sisters who’d each lost a parent and now formed a blended family. Neither had traveled to New York City before and it was the trip of a lifetime – after sightseeing, the girls were surprised by their idols from All Star Weekend. Together they set off on a NYC adventure: eating pizza, touring Staten Island in a limo, chilling on the band’s tour bus and being invited to sing on stage during the band’s concert in front of a massive audience. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

As the sole producer, I managed the casting of the winners, coordinated and directed freelance camera and audio crew in B.C. and NYC, planned logistics, locations, work-back and production schedules for all field shoots and travel details, worked closely with the band’s management to ensure all content was on-brand, directed host Lauren Toyota, bandmates and teens on-camera, shot B-roll on a secondary camera, assembled all footage for the final package and directed an editor, audio person and graphics in post-production.