Writing samples: Published freelance articles

A selection of links to feature magazine articles and news stories I’ve written as a freelance writer and reporter.



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The Siren Next Door: In an exclusive interview, Elisha Cuthbert talks hockey, 24, and her love of the film set.
Elisha Cuthbert is the definition of a Hollywood bombshell. She’s undeniably sexy, but she’s never been content to sit at home waiting for opportunity to come knocking.
[Cover story, Spring 2009, Alberta edition]

Gold Standard: His songs may be smooth as silk, but Michael Bublé still has an edge.
He’s a real triple threat: talented, handsome and charming. But while Michael Bublé may be the envy of men and the object of women’s desire, he’s still a pretty grounded guy.
[Cover story, Spring 2009, British Columbia edition]



Urban Male Magazine – “the best magazine for men.”

Top 10 Sexiest Movie Scenes
It’s no secret we all want hot, toe-curling action. And whether in real life, or on film, we crave total satisfaction. We don’t want it to come off fake, it shouldn’t end too quickly, and at the end of it, we’d be honoured with an award for our performance. With this formula in mind, we’re listing the top movies that sizzle with on-screen chemistry.
[Summer 2008]


st catharines standard

Founded in 1891, and now part of the Postmedia newspaper brand, The St. Catharines Standard is the number one source for news in St. Catharines and Niagara.

Residents owe Lincoln nearly $1 million
More than a third of Lincoln residents owe the town nearly $1 million for unpaid water and sewer bills, and the town intends to collect by the end of November.
[June 22, 2004]

Residents challenge 256-home development
Loretta Manners, who lives on a street that will be extended if a new development plan is accepted in downtown Beamsville, told the town’s planning committee at a public meeting Monday night that she bought her house a few months ago because she wanted to live on a quiet, dead-end street.
[May 11, 2004]

‘It’s the greatest job I’ve ever had’
Darrell Neufeld figures he’s discovered how to live the good life. He’ll tell you the secret lies in appreciating simplicity and achieving balance. But he’ll also admit that’s easier said than done.
[Apr. 26, 2004]

Ontario Street debate heats up
A heated debate erupted during Monday’s council meeting in Lincoln regarding the ongoing and divisive issue of renaming Ontario Street, sparking a shouting match between a town councillor and a resident.
[Apr. 6, 2004]

Lincoln residents protest ‘backyard invasion’ bylaw
One man’s backyard trash and treasures could soon run afoul of a clean-yard bylaw in Lincoln, and that’s got a lot of residents upset.
[Feb. 24, 2004]

Wineries dispute LCBO figures: Agency says domestic sales soft, vintners say numbers are skewed
The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is banking record profits this year, but says domestic wine sales haven’t been meeting expectations.
[Feb. 23, 2002]

Is he a journalist or a writer? Author isn’t sure
The award-winning author of the acclaimed novel Summer Gone writes a weekly column for the Globe and Mail, which allows him to take “an oblique look at the arts in an irreverent and mischievous way.”
[Feb. 22, 2002]

Museum rediscovers gem
The Jordan Historical Museum has dusted off a $16,500 Group of Seven work of art.
[Feb. 19, 2002]

Patience is a virtue
After taking a four-year break, indie rock band Tristan Psionic resurfaces with a new album, Mind the Gap.
[May 11, 2000]



Pulse Niagara was an alternative weekly publication which served the Niagara region. In 2010 it merged with Hamilton’s View Magazine to serve both markets.

Outside the cult of celebrity: Joel Plaskett
If you haven’t heard a peep out of Joel Plaskett lately, it’s because he’s been busy. These days, along with his new band, he’s playing the part of a responsible grown-up and taking it all in stride.
[Apr. 24, 2003]

Cruising the Margins: Tom Benner’s classic car exhibit
If Geronimo was a truck, he would have been a 1950s Chevy Apache pickup. That is, according to artist Tom Benner. His sculpture depicting this vehicle is not only a monument to the famous chief, it’s also a testament to his spirit.
[Feb. 27, 2003]

Stood up by a stand-up: Dustin Diamond
After leaving Bayside High 10 years ago, it appears that Screech has become too cool for school. Screech doesn’t need to return his calls. Even if he lives to be 100 years old, Dustin Diamond will be forever known as the squeaky-voiced, suspender-wearing dork, Samuel “Screech” Powers, the character he played for a decade on TV’s Saved by the Bell.
[Feb. 13, 2003]

True blues: Mel Brown and the Homewreckers
It’s been exactly 13 years since Mel Brown transplanted the blues. And when it comes to blues music, it’s all about having roots. These days, however, while Brown isn’t entirely out of his element, he’s certainly chosen a harsher climate.
[Dec. 26, 2002]

Getting hip to classical with Quartetto Gelato article
Every musical genre has developed its own trademark look. But as far as stereotypes go, classical musicians definitely have the worst rep. Quartetto Gelato, in many regards, is a classical conundrum.
[Nov. 14, 2002]

Theatre review: Port Mansion’s Sleuth
Sir Laurence Olivier once denounced Sleuth, a play currently showing at Theatre in Port, as “a piece of piss.” A bit ironic, considering the actor was nominated at the Oscars a few years later for his starring role in the film version.
[Oct. 3, 2002]